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O/S INstall

Due to the severe nature of some malware, a catastrophic fix may be required. This will require a complete wipe of the hard drive and a re-install of the operating system. If you have a corrupted operating system, a fresh reinstall or upgrade may be the most cost effective way to resolve certain issues.

If you donʻt have your PCʼs recovery disks, we will assist you in ordering them or creating them from a valid source(creation and media costs extra). Once the install is completed the computer will revert to factory state. All programs and data would be erased. Or, you may simply want to upgrade your current operating system by installing the latest version.


A Necessary Maintenance

Every three to six months every computer needs a PC Tune-Up & Software update to keep it running at its best. A PC Tune-Up cleans hardware so it runs cool, cleans your file system to optimize performance, tests operating system and updates software to make sure your system operates to its fullest potential. We clean your registry files, temp files, caches, cookies, defragment the hard drive, checks for viruses.


Business I.T. Services


Set up an appointment for a consultant to come to your business to assess your companyʼs needs. We can assist with making cost effective recommendations on technology solutions. We can supply, securely install, and maintain your technology.

Custom computerS

Let us build a computer custom designed for your specific needs.  Windows or Linux. OR.  Sometimes replacing Windows OS with a Linux OS can give an old computer a new lease on life.  Making it faster and useful again. There are thousands of free Linux programs and apps.

Software installations

Installation of a single software title or driver Installation of a software suite or multi disc software title.


Basic setup

Sets up an admin user account or email account. Registers your Microsoft account or Apple ID account.

Data recovery

Tier one(Data transfer or BackUp)

For HDD and flash drives. Back up of 10GB data from a malfunctioning or otherwise inaccessible computer. Must have a functioning hard disk. (WE CAN ALSO CLONE EXACT COPIES OF YOUR SATA DRiVES)
RAM Install Labor Installation labor for additional memory. Most effective way to improve hardware performance.



an assist via the internet

A premium service for our subscribed customers. For businesses and individuals. Our local technicians assist remotely via the internet. Must have a high speed internet connection. Valet and other services maybe required, but not included. 

Data backup

This is the first thing that should be done before any computer work is attempted. This can be done by the customer or for a fee. We backup data files from a working computer to the customerʼs external hard disk or flash drive.

Due to federal and state copyright laws we are unable to copy programs to a backup medium.

Password reset

Forgotten or lost your password to your computer? Let us reset it for you. Most times we can. Money back if we canʼt.


Virus removal or DATA Backup with O/s re-install

If your computer is moving slowly, exhibiting erratic behavior, pop ups, or canʼt connect to the internet, you may have a malware infection. We will remove any viruses, spyware, malware, and rootkits. Some viruses like to embed themselves into the code of system modules and drivers. When this happens removal of the viruses will sometimes remove part of the infected moduleʼs code from the operating system or program.


*Includes FREE Add-on Value:  1YR/1PC Stopzilla AntiVirus Subscription and installation. ($60 value)


Physical Cleaning This is a maintenance we recommend every six months. Especially if your desktop computer tower is within six inches of the floor. Or if you have cats. (They love warm places to rest on.)

Tier two (Recover lost/deleted files)

Forensic recovery of 10GB data that has been lost or deleted from a powered hard drive, flash drive, or other flash RAM media. Typically due to accidental deletion or a corrupted directory/registry file.

SEcured setup

Sets up an admin user account and up to two other user accounts. Registers your Microsoft account or Apple ID account. Installs up to three of your owned software titles. Removes trialware. Optimizes factory settings to realize your computerʼs full potential. Transfers old computerʼs data files to new computer (old computer must be working). Creates the Recovery Media (backup of your Windows license). 

*Includes Free Add-on"

*Includes Free Add-on"

Quality assured computer services

Device EValuation

FREE initial consultation

Our professionally trained technicians will determine the current condition of your computing device, estimated life expectancy and cost benefit analysis as to whether or not other services are warranted.

Component Replacement


Installations & repairs On-site network, computer, or printer install

Got a new computer/printer and donʼt want to spend the time to install the drivers and connect to the network. Let us make it easy and do it for you. We can securely setup your routerʼs wireless network and maximize your routerʼs network security.

We come to you for a one-on-one on-site tutorial session. Provides quality instruction on the technology topic of your choice. Intended for a single individual, but we do allow couples to sit in and listen.

Tier three(Catastrophic recovery)

Cleanroom Data Recovery - We are partnered with Gillware Data recovery to bring you the highest quality cleanroom data recovery service available.

QualityAssured Computer Services ©



*Includes Add-on Value"

Come in for a free 15 minute consultation to help determine what needs to be done for you computer.


Diagnostic service

Diagnostic service includes an extensive hardware and software test to verify the motherboard, CPU, BIOS, HDD, graphics, RAM, I/O ports, O/S health and load testing.

*Includes Add-on Value"

Hardware/Component Install LaborHardware Installation can be used to replace failed computer components or for upgrad- ing your system with a new power supply, video card, sound card or other input/output expansion card, or a larger hard drive to improve your computerʻs performance.